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Terror on the No.10a

By Francesca Ryan

TRANSLINK have apologised to a local man after they admitted that two of their off-duty employees were involved in an incident on a West Belfast bus.

A local dad made a complaint to Translink after his daughter arrived home crying and “in terror” with her baby. He claimed that the two men boarded the 10A Ladybrook bus in the city centre “very drunk” and began using “foul language” in the midst of the other passengers. Things took a turn for the worse, he says, when the bus stopped at the Falls depot and one of the men began issuing “threats” to the driver of the bus.

Translink said they conducted an inquiry into the incident, which took place at around 7pm on Saturday, May 3 – including reviewing CCTV footage – in the wake of which the man has received a written apology from the company as well as phone calls from the Metro Area Manager.

“The two men boarded the bus in the city centre,” the girl’s father said.

“They were loud and aggressive, used foul language and were very drunk. When the bus reached the depot on the Falls Road, it stopped and a driver got on. At this point, one of the men went berserk, screaming threats at the driver and wanting to take him off the bus and beat him up. He kept going on and on, using foul language.

“He then stumbled and nearly fell on top of the pram. Everyone on the bus was terrified and the poor man getting abuse from these bullies did not respond, thank God. But then he stopped the bus and ordered the thugs off. The bus drove on – to everyone’s relief.

“My daughter and baby arrived home crying and shaking in terror. This is not acceptable as my daughter is too frightened to get on another Metro bus.”

The father registered a formal complaint with Translink and when we contacted the bus company, we were told by a spokeswoman that CCTV footage of the incident had been viewed by   management.

“Following an incident between two off-duty Metro employees which occurred on board a Metro 10A bus on May 3rd, an extensive investigation has taken place into its circumstances,” she said.

“CCTV of the incident was reviewed and the complainant, who contacted Translink on behalf of his daughter, who was a passenger on the service, has received both a written apology from Translink and subsequent calls from the Metro Area Manager.

“We would reassure the passenger and her father that we are treating this incident very seriously and that the appropriate internal actions have been taken.”

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