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Man to appear in court today on two charges of attempted murder following double Dunmurry stabbing

A man will this morning be charged with two counts of attempted murder following a double-stabbing in West Belfast. The 35-year-old will appear in Craigavon Magistrates Court to face the charges plus a further charge of aggravated burglary. The charges were brought after two women were assaulted at a house in Cloona Manor in the […]

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OAP who spoke out against thugs suffers nervous breakdown

elderly North Belfast man whose house was attacked after he spoke out against local thugs has suffered a nervous breakdown. Joe Deans, 69, says he’s being targeted by anti-social elements in Ligoniel because he has protested about the shocking behaviour of local individuals who are making life hell for the residents. A brick was hurled […]

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After sparking political crisis with comments on Kevin McGuigan murder, PSNI remains silent about AAD and shooting of Danny McKay

The PSNI has again refused to comment on whether they are investigating the criminal gang Action Against Drugs (AAD) for the murder of Danny McKay despite being able to state publicly that they are investigating its involvement in the murder of Kevin McGuigan. Danny McKay, 36, was cut down in a hail of bullets in […]

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98 crimes prove Council crime strategy for Divis has failed

NINETY- eight criminal acts have been carried out in the lower Falls area from April through to June. The upsurge in crime is concentrated in the small residential cluster of Hamill Street, College Street and Galway Street close to the city centre. Statistics from the Police UK website record 46 criminal acts ranging from anti-social […]

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More police needed on street to deal with rash of crimes in Botanic, says local councillor

A South Belfast councillor has called for more police on the streets in an effort to capture the person or persons behind an upsurge in violent crime in the Botanic area of the city. Declan Boyle criticised the level of safety on the streets of Botanic and said that settled residents as well as the […]

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Villiers backs Chief Constable’s assessment that IRA aren’t involved in paramilitary activity

Secretary of State Theresa Villiers moved to pour oil on troubled political waters yesterday when she said after meeting senior party figures that she shares the assessment of Chief Constable George Hamilton that the IRA still exists but is not involved in paramilitary activity. Senior unionist politicians had demanded to meet Ms Villiers in the […]

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Vacant homes in North Belfast earmarked for refurbishment are plastered with threatening posters

Derelict homes in Tigers Bay have been plastered with posters saying ‘Local Housing for Local People’ as the Housing Executive work to bring a number of vacant properties back into commission. The posters also include the message ‘No Bru Drops’. In Belfast parlance a ‘bru drop’ is a property that is used as an address […]

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Sinn Féin claim republicans not behind McGuigan killing as unionists raise spectre of exclusion

There’s been a widespread and heated response by political parties to a press conference given by the PSNI yesterday in which it was claimed that the Provisional IRA carried out the killing of Kevin McGuigan. Sinn Féin MLA Gerry Kelly has denied claims that the IRA is still in existence and says the gang police […]

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Disco Spin

It would appear that last week’s rant worked, no one has cross examined me about my training regime this week […]

Jog Blog, Positive Mental Attitude!

PMA does this really work? I’m an expert at PMT I know how to work that. It’s hard to motivate […]

Jog Blog

Why do we eat so much when we train? Correction, why do I eat so much when I train? My […]

Life got in the way

This week I hit a few snags, it’s very true what they say sometimes ‘life just gets in the way’ […]

The prince, the UDR and ‘failure of the few’

The Duke of York is in the news again with accusations of impropriety coming from USA. A spokesman for Buckingham […]

Jog Blog: Week Three

Well, things are getting better. I’m training more, eating cleaner and sleeping like a log. I’m still no Sonia O’Sullivan, […]