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Mickey’s roundabout open

By Staff Reporter

AFTER 11 years of campaigning and lobbying, the Michael Ferguson Roundabout on the Stewartstown Road was finally unveiled on Sunday afternoon. Friends and family of the late West Belfast MLA turned out to honour their old friend who fought hard for the roundabout to be built up until his death in 2006 so it could be a welcoming symbol for visitors to the Colin area.

Speaking at the unveiling ceremony, West Belfast MLA and Junior Minister Jennifer McCann said: “Michael was involved in a number projects and campaigns, such as ‘Belfast Safer Streets’ which blossomed into the community safety organisations we know now.  But he was always so involved in other campaigns around housing and around the environment.

“This roundabout was the brainchild of Michael, as was the ‘Colin in Bloom’ competition which has seen local schoolchildren over the past 11 years design flowerbeds for the roundabout.


“It was always known as Mickey’s Roundabout but now it’s referred to as ‘Michael Ferguson Roundabout’ on the radio traffic bulletins.

“It’s a legacy that Michael has left in this area and we would hope that people think of him when they pass it.”

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