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Knife victim 'won't go back' to South Belfast

Man slashed in day time attack

By Paul Ainsworth

A MAN who was slashed in broad daylight as he made his way along the Ormeau Road has revealed how the attackers threatened to cut his throat. The savage incident, which occurred around 5pm last Thursday May 31, left the 29-year-old victim requiring hospital treatment after he was repeatedly slashed with a Stanley knife by two men who had demanded his wallet.

North Belfast man Sean Paul Saunders had been attending a training course in the Ulidia Resource Centre in the upper Ormeau area just before the incident.

He revealed how the attack by two men had left him “shaken and bleeding”, with facial swelling from where he was punched. The terrified teaching assistant vowed he would not return to the Ormeau Road for fear of another mugging.

“It was just after 5pm when I was walking down from the Ulidia Centre on the front of the road,” Sean Paul said.

“I suddenly heard running from behind, and turned around, but as I did so I was punched in the face.

“I didn’t know what was going on, but realised there were two men beside me. I could hear one demanding I should give him any money I was carrying.”

The victim described how although he pleaded with his attackers, claiming he had no cash, they continued their terrifying attack.

“One grabbed me by the arm and started slashing at my hands and forearm,” he continued.

“He had a Stanley knife, and I could feel the blade was blunted, but it was still shocking and very painful.

“The man then told me that if I didn’t hand over what I had, he’d cut my throat.”

After giving over his wallet containing a sum of money, the pair made off, leaving the frightened victim to bind his cuts with his jacket and make his way to Musgrave PSNI station.

He described one attacker as being in his early 30s, with a white Longsdale top, baseball cap and denim jeans, while the other was in his 20s was wearing a dark tracksuit and had dark gelled hair.

“I don’t know the area very well, and just wanted to get away from it as fast as possible,” he added.

“I was bleeding and when I got to the police station, they sent me to hospital for treatment, where they cleaned the cuts and gave me a jab for tetanus.

“This has left me badly shaken, and I won’t be returning to that part of South Belfast again. I’d believed it was quite a safe area, but this happened to me in the middle of the day on a busy road.”

Police have since appealed for anyone with information on the pair responsible for the savage assault to come forward.

A PSNI spokesman confirmed they were investigating the assault and robbery. Anyone with information can contact Musgrave on 0845 600 8000, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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