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Local team left without a pitch after death-drivers run amok

The burnt out car and the devastation caused to the pitch in the Falls Park  The burnt out car and the devastation caused to the pitch in the Falls Park
By Ciara Quinn

SINN Féin Councillor Steven Corr has described as “scumbags” those behind a weekend of destruction in the Falls Park, which has resulted in Newhill Football Club being left without a pitch.
Councillor Corr told Daily Belfast how those accessing the park this morning were met with scenes of destruction and a burnt out car, which had raced throughout the park and pitch last night.
“If the people who did this hate this community so much then why are they still here?” asked councillor Corr. “Why do they stay here?
“If they hate it so much then leave it.”
The Sinn Féin representative spoke of how anti-social behaviour in the Falls Park and Whiterock Leisure Centre car park escalated from Saturday afternoon.
“We did have large crowds in and around the park but Council staff and youth leaders were doing their best to get that under control and it was by around 10.30pm to11pm. We have video footage of another car coming into the area later that night and tearing up the car park. There was £600,000 worth of investment put into this area alone and we are looking at scenes of total destruction this morning, thousands upon thousands of pounds of damage have been caused. Newhill train on this pitch, it’s their home ground and it’s now closed for the rest of the season.
“We are all collectively trying to do our best to make this a park to be proud of, we are all knocking our pans in. To see the damage done is depressing. There are various levels of criminality here from bringing a stolen car into the area to anti-community behaviour. We condemn this totally.”
Sinn Féin rep Michael Donnelly said questions need to be asked of Belfast City Council as gates leading into the Falls Park were left open last night.
“Local children have been left without a pitch to train and play on,” he added. “They will be back here at the pitch, at 5pm as an act of defiance, this will not deter them.”

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