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‘Drug dealers’ ordered out says McCord

By Evan Short

A man whose son was murdered by the UVF has said he will “make representations” on behalf of anyone named on a list of alleged drug dealers who a criminal gang have said they will kill if they don’t leave the country.

Raymond McCord said he was approached by a man on Sunday morning and given a list of 12 names who are under threat from the unspecified group.

“Contact was made to me on Saturday evening (January 9) and I met up with a person on Sunday morning who handed me a list of 12 people,” he says.

“He told me the people on the list are drug dealers and asked me to pass it on and inform the people. I can’t do that because I don’t know them and I wasn’t going to be going round rapping doors so I contacted the police.”

Mr McCord said he was told that should any of the accused “make representations” to the armed group, the threats may be lifted.

“He said their community wants them out and the list was circulated before but for various reasons they weren’t shot before, but now it’s gone past that time and action is going to be taken.

“I did my job. The person said the names on the list can make representation to the group through different channels and that’s the way it was left.”

He said should anyone on the list not be associated with drugs he would make representations on their behalf.

“Anybody who has been warned and are saying they’re not drug dealers can contact me and I’ll speak on their behalf – not a problem.”

The threat was concerning, he added.

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