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Christmas cracker for young mum

By David Whelan

The Newtownabbey woman who was left ‘scratching’ her head at her luck after a Black Friday shopping trip turned into a dream day has said she plans to give her three year old son a dream Christmas with her winnings.

Twenty three year old Bawnmore woman Lauren McLarnon, who is exepecting her second child, said she is still reeling from the shock of winning £100,000 on a scratchcard while Christmas shopping with a friend at Abbeycentre last week.

The mother of one and part-time worker in O’Brien’s sandwich shop said that the life-changing win has come just weeks after finding out that she is expecting another baby.

Speaking to the North Belfast News just shortly after the money had been placed in her account Lauren said that she was still in shock at her fortune on the back of a £1 gamble.

“I think I was the only one in the shop who didn’t believe it had happened,” she said.

“Me and a friend were just out doing a bit of Christmas shopping and hoping to get some Black Friday deals when I used the last of my change to buy it.

“I rang my partner Michael to tell him the news and even he didn’t believe me. I ended up having to bring the scratchcard up to the Toys R Us, where he works, before he would take me seriously.

The win comes just weeks after 65-year-old fellow Newtownabbey woman Mary Hamilton scooped an astonishiong £12.9million lottery win.

Lauren says that she has no plans of jetting off into the sun like Mary just yet.

“I think I would like to buy a house or at least put a deposit down on somewhere in Bawnmore,” she added.

“I also plan on giving my three year old son a dream Christmas by taking him to Disney Land.

“I have two sisters, a brother, eight nephews and one neice. Usually we do secret Santa but this year I can afford to get them all a gift and enjoy a wonderful Christmas with family, my son and my partner Michael.”

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