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Shock at sudden death of well-known barman

The family of a well known barman who died suddenly on Monday have spoken of their beloved ‘big gentleman’ who ‘got to everyone’ with his kindness. Twenty three year old Joe Burns, who worked as an electrician by day and in The Chester in the evenings, took ill in the early hours of Monday morning […]

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‘No sign’ of illegality at Triad house

THE FACE of a Triad gang active in North Belfast has been handed a 15 month prison sentence for her involvement in a multi-million pound drug operation. Lan Lan Guo, 31, posed as a respectable business woman to dupe unknowing landlords of at least nine different properties including two addresses in Ardoyne and in Ballysillan. […]

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The day Pelé signed for Cliftonville

By IRISH ECHO REPORTER Kevin Brady Young reporters are used to living on table scraps when it comes to stories and so it was that a crumb tossed my way turned into one of the highlights of my career: a meeting with the most famous man on the planet. No one else wanted the story; […]

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Mother terrified after daylight attack

A 41-year-old mother-of-two who was brutally beaten in broad daylight last week by a well-known criminal has spoken of her terror after her assailant went to ground. The woman, who does not want to be named, was attacked on the New Lodge Road last Thursday (July 3) as she walked to work around lunchtime. Still […]

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Dissidents fire shots fired as children play in the street

RESIDENTS in a North Belfast street have been left reeling after six shots were fired at an unmarked security vehicle while young children played in the street. The attack at Oceanic Avenue, just off the Antrim Road, happened shortly before 10pm last Thursday (June 26) as children enjoyed the late summer daylight hours. At the […]

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Dismay over flags outside church

Calls for loyalists to respect Catholic places of worship have been made after flags were put up outside a North Belfast church. St Mary’s Greencastle lies just yards from a bonfire being built and two weeks ago flags were erected at its gates. The move comes shortly after paramilitary flags were erected at Carnmoney cemetery. […]

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A vital change

THEY say it was a peaceful Twelfth. That   children’s faces painted with offensive slogans, marchers breaking the law, verbal and […]

Rolling out the red carpet

For those of us who believe Ireland is a country of six million and a nation of 70 million, the […]

Unionist walk-out was no surprise

PLATFORM: By Seán Murray The disengagement from the current talks process by political unionism came as no great surprise to […]

Badly in need of democrats

They say the Scottish independence movement is having success on at least one front: they’re rounding up people who haven’t […]

Happy Twelfth?

The Twelfth will soon be upon us again. Festivals in most places make people wish each other Happy Fourth, Happy […]

Boney advice is so much hot air

TAKE a look at this thing on the right. It’s got to be 80 feet high and its core is […]