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The gift of the season

  MY youngest daughter was told she needed to be in from playing at eight o’clock this weekend because it is dark now at that time. I said it with a sigh, as the nights are drawing in and our days becoming shorter. “I love the dark nights,” she said with a smile. My youngest […]

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No change

  CONTEMPT. That is only word to describe what the Ballymurphy families have been handed by the state since 1971. The same word applies to all families bereaved as a result of state actions or where families are vocal about the collusion in the killings of their loved ones by state proxies. Contempt when agents […]

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Benevolence? No, thanks…

  LAST Friday the new British Secretary of State James Brokenshire said he was thinking about a way forward on the matter of how to deal with the past. He made the speech at Oxford University at a British Irish Association dinner where the great and the good are brought together once a year to […]

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Dud illusions a real danger

  MY mother was very quiet. She is to this day – nearly 12 years after her passing – referred to as a “lady”. She was quiet because she experienced many horrors in her life. They individually and collectively conspired to silence her. She didn’t scream or shout about them because she chose to continue […]

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Ignoring the women of ’81

  I WENT to see 66 Days – a couple of weeks later than everybody else. Well, not everybody actually. We went on Tuesday night to the Kennedy Centre to see it and it was sold out half an hour before it was due to screen. So we hightailed it to Yorkgate to watch it […]

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The war on knowledge

  Have you ever seen the film The Killing Fields about the war in Cambodia? It’s an excellent film. A bit Western, and it ignores the role of the USA in the horror, but as a piece it is worth watching. Anyway, there is a scene in it where there is a realisation that anyone […]

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