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Ingredients for success in our list of honorees

Somebody once said that you’re starting to leave your youth behind you when you pick up a box of cereal and read about the ingredients inside rather than the toy.  Our 40 under 40 honorees here today are at that wonderful age when the toy in the box is still a delight, but they’re increasingly coming to appreciate the importance of the ingredients too.

It’s an age when the limitless possibilities of youth collide with the sometimes harsh realities of life in the various fields of endeavour represented here today. And what sets these 40 young women and men apart is how they are successfully bringing their youth and energy to bear on the ‘grown-up’ challenges and demands of their chosen careers.

The achievements of our very special guests honoured in this magazine are all the more admirable given the difficult economic circumstances during which they’ve been learning the ropes in recent years. Our business achievers have perhaps most directly been exposed to the icy blast of the financial downturn, but straitened times have impacted on them all; on athletes and artists, for instance, on Gaeilgeoirí and community activists. But invaluable lessons in determination and perseverance will have been learned that will stand our honorees, and by extension our society as a whole, in good stead when the green shoots peek through the ice.

Yes, the Belfast Media Group today honours the stirling contributions that our 40 under 40 have made thus far to the economic, social and political life of our great city; but much more importantly, we look forward to the many years of success and service that lie ahead of them all.

Maria McCourt EDITOR, Belfast Media Group

This years recipients of the 2010 Top 40 Under 40:
Andrew Todd
Brian Magee
Anto O’Kane
Fiona Shannon
Scott Wilson
Todd Kelman
Dessie Donnelly
Sue Ramsey
Gerard Carlile
Cliodhna Craig
Charlotte Dryden
Brian McMullan
Milene Fagan
Mal Duffin
Kerry Calvert
Diarmaid Ua Bruadair
Geraldine Hughes
Dara Barrett
Thomas Whiteside
Jason Kennedy
Sean Muldoon
Joan Burney Keatings
Harry Connolly
Jonathan Wilson
Mark Lunney
Sean Largey
Feargal Mac Ionnrachtaigh
Conor Allen
Krishan Tandon
Suzanne McIlveen
Aaron Abernethy
Tim Mairs
Ann Rodgers
Colma McKee
Adrian Wilson
Beverley Addis
Caroline Wilson
Conall McDevitt
Chris Johnson

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