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Home and car damaged in the latest in a series of incidents

We just want them to leave us alone, says father after attack

By Francesca Ryan

A man whose home has been targeted three times in the past week has called on those behind the attacks to explain their actions.

Danny Corr’s Dermott Hill home and his car were damaged in three incidents that have marked a significant upsurge in a campaign of ongoing harassment against his 20-year-old son, also named Danny.

“The threats and provocation my son is facing is almost daily and now my house is being attacked,” he said.

“In three separate incidents since last Thursday, my house has been damaged, my car was gutted and hooded men were at my door.  They came last Thursday night and kept rapping the door, I was asking who it was and what they wanted but they wouldn’t answer me.

“In the early hours of Saturday they bricked my car and then they used flammable liquid to set it alight.”

Danny says his son is facing an almost daily barrage of threats from those behind the attacks and has been for a number of years.

“This is a recent upsurge in attacks on my house, the windows were put in last year and then it settled, but all the while my son is being intimidated. They are gesturing pulling the trigger of a gun to him and trying to provoke him, he can hardly go out without being intimidated.

“We want to know why this is happening and what it is about because now it is at my door and my property is being wrecked.

“My son is not responding to any threats or provocation so why is he being targeted?”

Seamus Finucane of the Upper Springfield Community Safety Forum says the attacks on the home  must be stopped.

“We are asking these people to stop before they cause any injury or death,” he said  “We have seen this behaviour before and we believe it is all personality-driven. The threatening gestures towards this young man indicate a shooting but in 2012 expulsions and shootings are outdated, the proper mechanisms do exist to express any concerns.

“Nobody has substantiated any allegations made against Danny and the family want an explanation as to why this is happening.

“Those behind it need to come out of the dark shadows and answer the concerns and questions of this family and produce evidence as to why this is happening.”

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