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The shock of the new

By Paul Ainsworth

THE future of motoring in South Belfast is set to be electrifying, as new charging points for eco-friendly cars have been installed.

The charge points for electric powered vehicles are already in place across the South of the city, but drivers of electric cars, or hybrid electric/fuel motors will not be able to use them until a formal launch at the end of the month.

Once switched on and available for use, the four local points will allow drivers to charge their cars for between one and six hours.

However, a spokesperson for the Department of Regional Development said that as most charging of electric vehicles would take place at home, the new points would be designed for “opportunity” charging.

The charge points are now in place on the Dublin Road, Lower Crescent, Adelaide Street, and Cairns Hill Park and Ride in Carryduff.

Local Green party spokesman Adam McGibbon said that South Belfast was the ideal place to judge the success of the scheme, insisting that electric motoring was the “future” of driving.

“It’s the beginning of a new car economy, as the rising price of fossil fuels means average people will soon find they cannot afford to drive petrol or diesel cars anymore.

“Compared to fuel, the price per mile with electricity is a fraction of the cost, and as the vast majority of car journeys taken today are less than one mile, South Belfast is an ideal place to judge the success of the scheme, which will hopefully be mirrored across the city.”


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