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Peter Pan Lyric Theatre

The art of being honest

By Staff Reporter

Ormeau-based artist Colm Clarke creates performance work that is designed to engage more than just the eyes, utilising sound and vibration in his pieces of unique creativity. A former co-director of the Catalyst Arts Centre, Colm’s unusual style of art has been displayed internationally, from Germany to New Zealand, as well as closer to home…

I was born in New York

I grew up in Omagh

I now live on the Ormeau Road in South Belfast

I was educated at Drumragh College back in Omagh

My earliest memory is sitting under the kitchen table

When I was a child I wanted to be an astronaut

I actually became an artist

Worst job I’ve ever had was working in telesales

Best job I’ve ever had was as a video store clerk

The bravest thing I’ve ever done is becoming an artist

The stupidest thing I’ve ever done is becoming an artist

The biggest thing I’ve yet to do is to become an artist

The people who inspired me most are my family and friends

The most important thing in the world to me is my family and my friends

I’m very bad at being honest

I’m very good at being honest

I’m most proud of being honest

My best friend would say I am stoic

I like to relax by reading

My favourite saying is ‘Kindness should be the natural way of life, not the exception’

The last book I read was ‘Empire’ by Negri and Hardt

My favourite movie is Werner Herzog’s ‘Fitzcarraldo’

The actor that would play me in a movie of my life would be Klaus Kinski

The song that makes me dance is The Slits’ version of ‘I Heard it Through the Grapevine’

The song I would have played at my funeral would be ‘Birds Lament’ by Moondog

The best place I’ve ever been is India

The place I have to visit before I die is Easter Island

The last person I talked to on the phone was my girlfriend

The last text message I received was from my sister

If I was a politician I would revolt

If I won the lottery I would build a commune

If I could describe myself in five words they would be ‘doesn’t suffer fools lightly’

If I could invite any five people (living or dead) to a dinner party they would be Stanley Kubrick, Nikola Tesla, Lydia Lunch, Bryon Gysin and Richard Pryor

If I could change one thing about South Belfast it would be to provide more cycle paths

My favourite thing about South Belfast is the lovely Ormeau Park


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