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Tag Archives: UVF

UVF behind attack on Catholic crew

Loyalist paramilitaries were behind the vicious attack on a Catholic teenager working on a film set in South Belfast this week, the SBN can reveal.

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Unionists hide in City Hall from the genie outside

As we drove out of City Hall, our cars being kicked and attacked by the cream of loyalist East Belfast on Monday night, a colleague remarked: “This must bring you back.”

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Families vow to find the truth

On December 4, 1971 the UVF bombed McGurk’s Bar in North Queen Street killing 15 Catholics including women and children and wounding 17 more.The bombing was set against the backdrop of one of the most violent and destructive periods of the Troubles.

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McGurks welcome Ballymurphy inquest

This week’s decision to hold new inquests into the deaths of the ten people killed in the Ballymurphy Massacre has been welcomed by one of the leading campaigners from the McGurk’s families.

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UVF victims’ families launch Ombudsman petition

North Belfast families whose loved ones were the victims of a UVF murder gang are amongst those who have organised a petition calling for the Police Ombudsman to resign immediately.

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McCord ‘no further on’ 14 years after murder

Fourteen years after his son was beaten to death a UVF gang a North Belfast victims’ campaigner says he is no further on in finding out the truth behind the killing.

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