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Tag Archives: Niall Ó Donnghaile

Police tactics need to change

RESIDENTS of the Short Strand say they are angry at the PSNI for not doing enough to protect their homes

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That was the year that was

Niall ó Donnghaile is running late. His assistant (she’s got a fancier title than that) Daiva, a charming young Latvian woman, tells me he’s up in the Shankill at a major boxing tournament.

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New facility for Doyle Youth Club

Belfast Lord Mayor Niall Ó Donnghaile returned to his former youth club on Monday 16 April to open a new 3G pitch and praised the ‘essential contribution’ of the work of staff at the Short Strand club.

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Rainbow coalition does the business

A special mural charting co-operation between local kids of different ethnic backgrounds has been unveiled in South Belfast.

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Building on our strengths in the coming year

THE Sinn Féin Lord Mayor of Belfast and the SDLP Mayor of Lisburn have extended their best wishes for a peaceful New Year to the citizens of West Belfast.

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Cadet-gate rages amongst the councillors

Belfast City Council’s monthly meeting isn’t a whole lot of fun at the best of times. Lets just say some of our esteemed local reps enjoy the sound of their own voices a tad too much. I’ve often thought an Oscar-style time limit should be introduced, where loud music is played when someone has talked over their allotted time slot.

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