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Camp Twaddell: Ardoyne shops need financial package

THE owner of a fruit and vegetable shop which has been forced to close its doors after just 18 months has called for financial support for Ardoyne traders. Martin Fox, of Fox’s Fresh Fruit and Vegetables, has blamed a number of factors on his business’s decline, including a lack of investment in the North Belfast […]

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Where on earth has everyone gone all of a sudden?

THE Protestant Coalition (it’s PC gone mad!) held a protest outside the Parades Commission office in Bedford Street last Friday afternoon.

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Ormeau man faces deportation

AN Ormeau Road man who fled to America after a loyalist gun attack on his home, has been told he has one year left in the United States before being deported back to Ireland.

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Flags tarnish move on mural

A loyalist area of South Belfast has come in for criticism for the flying of paramilitary flags despite a separate move to paint over a highly contentious mural in the area this week. South Belfast MLA Conall McDevitt has called for immediate action in removing UVF and UDA flags flying from private houses in Sandy Row just as the area also received positive attention for painting over an infamous UFF mural on the edge of the loyalist stronghold.

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Let the games begin

JUST as the armies of the world play war games in which dread scenarios and appalling vistas are enacted in an attempt to provide valuable experience and information, so Squinter and his pals down the Roddy’s play imaginary games in which potential conflicts are imagined and possible solutions devised.

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Event asks ‘what’s the mural of the story in loyalist’s loyalism?’

As murals here often reflect the culture and identity of a particular community, you would expect many from the loyalist side of the divide to show reflections of British royalty.

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