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Tag Archives: Jude Collins

Underpinning prosperity as well as the peace

I’m already settled with my teapot and mug in the Cultúrlann when Inez McCormack joins me. She’s on her way to

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Happy visions of a much loved son

Mary Enright and her husband Terry are cheerful people. When I visit them, Mary chats about the weather, Terry has a little laugh at how different my head looks when I take my cap off.

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British megalomania remains a terrible disease

I like the way Alex Salmond looks. And the way he talks. He’s overweight, he has the wide-eyed face of a panda in search of banana shoots, and he’s supremely unflappable. Besides which he has this idea that Scotland is an adult nation and should have independence from Britain within Europe.

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SF assault on Dodds’ seat hit by shake-up

New proposals that would see three unionist electoral wards added to the North Belfast constituency area could end Sinn Féin’s dream of claiming the seat – but that prospect is not yet dead in the water, according to one local political commentator.

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