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Renegade gang member shot dead young dad

THE man who carried out the brutal shotgun murder of Kieran McManus is a member of a renegade criminal gang led by expelled INLA members, we’ve been told. The 26-year-old was gunned down on Saturday night outside the Kennedy Way branch of Dominos Pizza where he was working as a delivery driver. Witnesses say the […]

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A newly formed criminal gang labelling itself Correct Action Against Drugs was behind the bruta

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‘INLA shot our two boys over fight in a pub’

THE family of two West Belfast brothers targeted in separate INLA shootings within a month of each other have accused the paramilitary group of “spreading lies” to justify their actions

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Gun victim was taken from the house where his dad was murdered

The INLA were behind the shooting of a 28-year-old whose dad was murdered 16 years ago in the same street. At around 10.25pm on Tuesday night the victim received gunshot wounds to his legs and injuries to his head at Thames Court off the Falls Road after he was dragged from his home.

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One of the chief suspects in the double murder of two men in Belfast five years ago has slashed a County Louth businessman in a bar in Dundalk. The man, from the Ardoyne area of North Belfast, fled to Dundalk following the double murder of Belfast men Eddie Burns and Joe Jones in Belfast on March 12 2007.

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IRSP claims on hunger strike deal

The Irish Republican Socialist movement have claimed that their seven year investigation into the 1981 Long Kesh hunger strikes has “conclusively” found that there was an offer made by the British government to the prisoners that could have saved lives.

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