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Suitcase in cellar carries a Titanic link

By Gemma Burns

In a week when much of the world has gone Titanic crazy, one local bar has discovered its own link to the doomed liner. During a clear out of the cellar of the Chester Bar, staff discovered an old and battered suitcase that had been left from the time the hostelry was a hotel. The suitcase is covered in stickers from shipping lines and destinations to which the owner, named as a Ms Cassidy on a tag on the case, had visited.

The owner of the suitcase had travelled on the Mauretania, the ship launched in 1907, which is believed to have inspired the White Star Line to build a bigger and more luxurious ship – the doomed Titanic.

She also travelled on ships belonging to the White Star Line, who also have stickers on the suitcase.

Manager of the bar Gerard Quinn said they were delighted to find their own link to the Titanic.

“The suitcase must have been here from when the place was a hotel. When we had a closer look we saw the stickers that showed the owner, Ms Cassidy, had been on the Mauretania and that she had sailed from Cobh just like the Titanic.

“There are also stickers that showed she had travelled on the White Star Line who of course built the ship. It’s an interesting bit of history for us to have here, especially at this time when the Titanic seems to be everywhere.

“It would be great to find out a bit more about the owner.”

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