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Devastated mum comforted by friends’ response to Dee’s death

Stab victim’s mum heads up anti-knife crime rally

By Kieran Hughes

The grieving mum of a North Belfast man who was stabbed to death last month has spoken for the first time about his loss and voiced her support for an anti-knife crime campaign organised by his friends.

Noreen Corr’s 24-year-old son David was killed in his Cúchulainn House flat in the New Lodge on Thursday, March 15.

The former St Patrick’s Bearneegha pupil was a well known figure in local skateboarding circles and was often seen busking in the city centre with his tin whistle.

Speaking to the North Belfast News this week Noreen, who raised Dee from their Henderson Avenue home, said she is backing the Dee Corr Anti-Knife Campaign because she doesn’t want any other families going through what she has gone through.

“You always hear things like this happening, but you never think it will come to your front door. Now it’s happened, and I understand how every mother that has lost their son or daughter in such a way like this feels,” said Noreen, who joined around 200 people on a march organised by the campaign from Dee’s old flat to Custom House Square on Sunday (April 15), one month to the day since the died.

“It’s absolutely gut wrenching. My heart goes out to those who have gone through the same tragedies as I have. Unfortunately I’ll never have my son back, but hopefully his death will encourage others to take the right path in life, and not live a life of regret.”

Noreen said she took comfort in the reaction of Dee’s friends to his death.

“I never knew that he had so many friends and it is only since the incident that I have got to know him more through them and they have helped me and supported me.”

She added the popular skater, whose death caused an outpouring of grief across the community’ would be sorely missed.

“David was a good person, with a good soul, and wouldn’t hurt a fly, he always had a smile on his face, and always had time for everybody no matter who the person was. He never had a bad word to say about anybody.”

Conor Cunningham, who helped organise Sunday’s march, said they hope to hold further events to raise awareness about the dangers of knife crime.

Meanwhile 24-year-old man Christopher Barry Cavan, of Cúchulainn House, who is charged with the murder of Dee Corr is due to appear in court next month.


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