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Site for sore runners’ eyes

By Staff Reporter

THIS is one of the sight for sore eyes thousands of runners will pass by on Monday as they complete the final leg of the Belfast City Marathon.

The stretch of path, which has ongoing structural work, runs along the River Lagan near the Ormeau Road. It is at the point of the marathon where runners are coming to the end of their 26 miles.

Community spokesperson, Rosaleen Hughes, said: “It is very unsightly and I thought they would have had it cleared up by now. There were skips at the side of my house up until very recently and I know there are still some sitting on down the road.”

According to Mrs Hughes, who is a Lower Ormeau resident, there are tiles lying along the path which have been there over a week.

“Not only are these tiles a health and safety hazard for anyone walking or running along the area but they are also making the area look very untidy.”

A spokesperson from the Department of Social Development who are currently responsible for the site said: “This is a programme of revetment work which is necessary along the river so the banks do not collapse, it will be ongoing for a long time.”

In response to how it will be perceived by marathon runners and spectators, the DSD said: “The area has been looked at by the Council who are happy there is sufficient space for it to be used as part of the route for the marathon. By the time runners reach this point there will not be many spectators and runners will have spread out quite a bit.”


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