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Shooting ‘achieved nothing’

By Staff Reporter

A LOCAL MLA has said those responsible for a weekend paramilitary-style shooting in Twinbrook have no support in the local community. At around 9.10am on Sunday, March 4, a 20-year-old man received a gunshot wound to the leg in the Glasvey Close area and required hospital treatment.  His injuries are not said to be life-threatening.

West Belfast MLA Jennifer McCann said the shooting “achieved nothing”.

“The community recognise this, local representatives recognise this and those groups working hard within our communities recognise it. It is high time that those behind these shootings recognised it,” she said.

“The community has worked for years to provide alternatives to these kinds of  shootings and this has paid dividends.

“Those behind this attack must know this and are only trying to flex their muscles and the reality of their actions is that they are undermining this community.

“Let be very clear about it –  there is no support whatsoever for this type of reckless actions and those behind them need to stop.”

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