Decora Blinds

ONE local business that continues to defy the economic downturn is Decora Blinds.

Standing proud on the Andersonstown Road for the past 21 years, propertior Martin Fenton puts his enduring success down to employing local people and the loyalty of his customers.

Martin explained how a back injury put paid to his career as a HGV lorry driver and how he found himself running his own business.

“I went into the blinds industry full time from there. I really enjoyed the sales end of things and I trained in all types of blind manufacturing and the technical side of the industry.

“Sales and dealing with people was always something I enjoyed and I’m lucky that I can incorporate this side of things into the running of Decora Blinds,” he said.

A typical day for Martin begins early with having to put company invoices in order, check what calls need to be done, whether it is to a customer or supplier and then oversee production.

“As much as I like being my own boss, I find it hard at times working with people who do not give their job their same dedication as myself. Unfortunately from time to time we have found that once the bedding in period is over people seems to become disinterested – that is why I always try to surround myself with a core dedicated team.

“Having been always a self motivator I expect people to be the same when it comes to my business.”

When asked what the secret is behind Decora’s continued success, Martin replied: “Just keep a positive attitude, especially through the tough times. Stay competitive and always offer your customer the best product you can. Never expect everything to always run smoothly and try to keep your staff on your side. Start as you mean to go on, if you work hard and put the hours then your graft will pay off in the end.”