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Squinter: the autumn leaves are falling like flags

SO ANYWAY, there’s Squinter dandering along the Ormeau Road on Monday night, the dog at his side, looking up at […]

Disco Spin

It would appear that last week’s rant worked, no one has cross examined me about my training regime this week […]

Jog Blog, Positive Mental Attitude!

PMA does this really work? I’m an expert at PMT I know how to work that. It’s hard to motivate […]

Jog Blog

Why do we eat so much when we train? Correction, why do I eat so much when I train? My […]

Life got in the way

This week I hit a few snags, it’s very true what they say sometimes ‘life just gets in the way’ […]

The prince, the UDR and ‘failure of the few’

The Duke of York is in the news again with accusations of impropriety coming from USA. A spokesman for Buckingham […]