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By Staff Reporter

THE Principal of a large West Belfast primary school has been suspended.

Jeanette Chapman stood down last Friday after the school day ended at John the Baptist and her Vice Principal, Michelle Morgan, has taken over in the interim.

Parents of pupils attending the school were informed by text on Monday about Mrs Chapman’s absence. The text, attributed to the Chairperson of the school’s Board of Governors, said Mrs Chapman “will be absent for a period of time” and reassures parents that the pupils’ education will not be affected.

The circumstances around the change at the top are not clear but reasons are believed to involve staff rather than pupil matters. A spokesman for the Council for Catholic Maintained Schools (CCMS) confirmed the development.

“CCMS can confirm that Mrs Jeanette Chapman will be absent from school for a period of time,” he said. “In this interim period Mrs Michelle Morgan, Vice-Principal, will be acting as Principal of St John the Baptist Primary School.

“Parents can be assured that CCMS and the Board of Governors will work with Mrs Morgan to ensure that the education of the pupils will not be affected by this arrangement. We can also ensure that effective leadership and management of the school during this time will be provided.”

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