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New Year mission for Palestinian activist

By Staff Reporter

A LOCAL Palestinian activist is on his way to Gaza in early January in efforts to raise awareness of the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the city.

A siege enforced by Israel with support from Egypt tightened in November and has resulted in the deterioration of conditions in Gaza.

Fra Hughes, who will visit the Palestinian city in his capacity as director of the charity Palestinian Aid, is currently waiting on confirmation from the Egyptian government to gain entry to Gaza through the Rafah border crossing which is currently closed.

“Because of the siege on Gaza no fuel has entered the besieged area for several weeks,” explained Fra.

“There is no electricity and raw sewage is pouring down the streets causing a huge health crisis.

“After the flooding Israel decided to open flood gates to the small strip which is the size of the Ards Peninsula and home to 1.8 million people We have since witnessed the deaths of four small babies and several adults who have literally frozen to death because they are homeless due to the sewage and the flooding.”

As well as observing the current living conditions of the citizens in Gaza, Fra will be giving money which will pay for a scholarship at a university in the city.

“I will hand deliver the proceeds of our fundraising efforts on behalf of Palestine Aid a registered charity which has collected monies to pay for a second scholarship at the Islamic University Gaza.

“The money will pay the entire tuition fees for the scholarship for a young lady studying counselling.

“Palestine Aid and the recipient of the scholarship in counselling at the Islamic University Gaza would like to thank all those who contributed to our fundraising especially Francine and Michelle McIhatton who raised nearly £3000.”

There is still time to donate to Palestinian Aid emergency appeal directly via via Dankse Bank sort code 95 06 79, account number 90022365 or by sending a cheque payable to Palestinian Aid, 48 King Street, Belfast.


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