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McCord ‘no further on’ 14 years after murder

By Kieran Hughes

Fourteen years after his son was beaten to death a UVF gang a North Belfast victims’ campaigner says he is no further on in finding out the truth behind the killing.Raymond McCord’s son, Raymond Jnr, was brutally murdered by the Mount Vernon branch of the organisation on November 9, 1997.

A five-year investigation carried out by former Police Ombudsman Nuala O’Loan into the UVF in North Belfast and made public in January 2007 claimed collusion between RUC handlers and UVF agents.

The probe was kick-started by McCord who says he feels he has had no further progress in the investigation.

“It is the 14 anniversary of my son’s death next week and we are no further on in bringing policemen to the dock,” he said.

“It is not just killers who should be in court, it is the policemen who paid them and allowed them to do it who should be in court.”

Last week McCord, who runs victims group HELP, chaired a meeting of other victims groups, including families of the 1971 McGurk’s Bar Massacre in North Belfast, at Conway Mill on the Falls Road to demand immediate action to deal with the past.

However the meeting was marred when Fair Director Willie Frazer walked out after heated exchanges over allocation of blame.

“The meeting was going well until the problem with Willie Frazer, but that isn’t my main concern, my concern was the lack of unionist politicians at the event,” he said.

“Not one unionist politician turned up. It looks as if it’s only the nationalist politicians who care. The SDLP and Sinn Féin came and sat and listened, none of them tried to take over the meeting. Unionist politicians have let the unionist victims down and let the unionist people down. Until unionist and nationalist politicians start working together this is going to go on and on.”

Despite the disturbances at the meeting, McCord said he is keen to hold further meetings in the coming months including one in North Belfast.


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