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Heroin kit discovered

By Ciara Quinn

The discovery of a used heroin kit in derelict land in the Whiterock has caused anger locally.
The grim discovery at Brittons Parade was made last Thursday by some young people who unearthed the discarded kit, made up of used and sealed syringes, sachets of citric acid, alcohol prep pads, vials of saline water and used cigarette butts at waste ground at the former site of Corpus Corpus College, which has now been earmarked for the construction of social homes.
Sinn Féin Councillor Steven Corr told the Andersonstown News that he along with other community representatives “are extremely alarmed” at the find.
“A couple of local kids unearthed this last week and brought it immediately to the Residents’ Association and to local representative Al McComb. Firstly this act has to be commended but the stark reality, the harsh reality is that heroin is in our area, it’s in our community. It’s not a question of when it gets here, it’s here now. I, along with the other community representatives in the area are extremely alarmed that this was found. I am angered that this was found in our area.
“Over the next two weeks there will be a leaflet drop with help on it for users, helpline numbers, but most importantly the question needs to be asked who is bringing this into our area? Who are the major players bringing it in?”
The councillor said the issue needs to be addressed immediately.
“Thank God the young people who found this had the savvy to go to a community leader,” said Manager of the Community Drugs Programme at the Falls Community Council, Benny Lynch. “We need to urge young people to be careful and if they come across something like this to bring it to the Falls Community Council where it can be safely and correctly disposed of or to the attention of a community representative immediately.
“This is a used heroin kit, we can offer help, resources to addicts, help is available, the safety of our young people and community is paramount.”

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