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Dublin MEP drops by to give a talk

By Scott Jamison

A special public meeting tonight (Wednesday) will see a Socialist Party MEP visit South Belfast to discuss the future of the Palestinian people.

Paul Murphy, Socialist MEP for Dublin, will deliver a talk at the Holiday Inn in Ormeau Avenue at 8pm entitled ‘From Egypt to Israel – Middle East in Revolt: What This Means for the Palestinian Struggle’.

Paul recently took part in the Freedom Flotilla, which attempted to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza. Along with other activists, he was arrested by the Israeli military and spent a week in prison.

He has since visited Gaza, meeting with activists from the trade union and social movements. Paul also visited Tunisia in the wake of the revolutionary movement there and will bring all his experiences to his South Belfast talk.

“In recent months, I have witnessed first-hand the brutality of the Israeli state in its oppression of the Palestinian people and those who stand with them,” he said.

“The blockade of Gaza is causing unspeakable poverty and misery for its people. In the occupied territories, violence and repression are an everyday fact of life, while Palestinians inside the Israeli state are facing new racist laws.”

He said the “revolutionary wave” sweeping Arab nations could have “a real impact” on the Palestinian people.

“The mass movements – particularly the uprising in Egypt, one of the prison guards of Gaza – concretely pose the question of action to support the Palestinian people. They can inspire mass resistance, not diplomatic manoeuvres. This is key in the fight for real liberation.

“In Israel, last summer’s historic tent movement – with tens of thousands protesting against poverty and inequality – and the subsequent general strike demonstrate there is huge discontent and class anger. If unity can be built with Israeli workers and poor based upon their common interests, this would enormously strengthen the Palestinian struggle.”

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