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Epic tale half-told

What’s the story? Ambitious, domineering and uncompromising, J Edgar Hoover (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a man married to the law.

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The rough and tumble

What’s the story?

A knuckle-headed bouncer with a talent for physically hurting people, Doug (Seann William Scott) isn’t exactly the brightest chap in the world, much to the dismay of his intelligent and cultured father (Eugene Levy). But, if they handed out doctorates for violence, there’s no doubt that Doug would graduate with a distinction.

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Hogmanay hogwash

What’s the story?As 2011 draws to a close, the lives of multiple New Yorkers collide as 2012 relentlessly approaches.

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No justice from Cage

What’s the story?Mild-mannered high school teacher Will Gerard (Nicolas Cage) and genteel musician Laura (January Jones) are happily married and living a peaceful life.

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Crazy Stupid Love

What’s the story? Cal (Steve Carrell) and Emily Weaver (Julianne Moore) have been married for 25 years. However, their seemingly rock-solid marriage comes to an abrupt end when Emily announces during a dinner date that she wants a divorce and Cal is devastated when he learns that Emily has slept with her sleazy work colleague David Lindhagen (Kevin Bacon).

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Dark, fast and slick

What’s the story? If you’re planning a robbery, there’s one thing you can’t possibly do without and that’s a reliable and talented getaway driver.

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