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Living through the experience of our conflict

A new film explores how people deal with legacy

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Good Vibes movie in the Cannes

Cannes in France’s Cote d’Azur is a fair distance and several worlds away from the dark days of the Troubles in 1970s Belfast.

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Relaxing in style in County Donegal

GROWING up in Derry, you tend to take having a county like Donegal on your doorstep for granted. Day trips to beach-side towns like Buncrana, Greencastle and Moville in the Inishowen Peninsula were such a regular occurrence as a child that I never really appreciated the beauty and history of Donegal like tourists from further afield would.

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Conor is the reel deal

Conor Blaney is a 33 year old musician living on the Lisburn Road who hosts gigs all over the South Belfast area with a guitar he built from scratch.

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Impact of trauma can be addressed

A psychotherapist specialising in trans-generational trauma says more needs to be done to treat the disorder to help improve the collective mental health of post-conflict communities.

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Horror and humour found in crossfire

All politics is local and all war is as well. It may look international when the wise-eyed historians have stitched together a big map of events, but war as it happens is a myriad of confusing individual experiences. None of us can live life outside of our own skull.

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