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Who’s the Daddy Christmas?

Answering the People Like You questions this week is Santa Claus who took time out from his busy schedule to tell us how he is getting on with his preparations as Christmas Day looms large on the horizon…

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Pressures of Christmas for the bereaved

Christmas time is the time of year for families to come together and be thankful for everything they have.

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Devlin junior following in dad’s SDLP footsteps

The SDLP’s newest North Belfast recruit may be relatively inexperienced in the political arena for a 44-year-old but his pedigree suggests he won’t take long adapting to the demands of local politics. Peter Devlin, who began working as a party representative for the area earlier this month, is the son of one of the party’s […]

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Warming to OAPs’ themes

THE unprecedented heavy snowfall and freezing conditions of last Christmas left thousands of people stranded in their homes or without the basic amenities that we usually take for granted.

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Heavy metal mamma

Cathy Chambers is the co-owner of Ma Nelson’s bar on the Lisburn Road and also a co-owner of Grotten Alternative Lifestyle store on Little Victoria Street along with her husband Matt.

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The Bethlehem experience shines again at Kings Hall

Although when Christmas time rolls around our minds turn to presents, songs and time off work, one South Belfast church group are looking to make sure we don’t forget the true meaning of the period.

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