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Testing time for students

The fevered debate over whether students from Northern Ireland are entitled to free tuition fees in Scotland brings into stark relief the shambles which is further education provision.

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Park increase in fines to help struggling traders

At a time when local retailers are reeling from the double whammy of exorbitant rates and internet trading, one would have expected a sympathetic response from government.

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Collective amnesia on shipyard history should not consign us to living in past

In a major report from Belfast this week to mark the centenary of the sinking of the Titanic, the New York Times suggested the citizens of Belfast were suffering from “collective amnesia” regarding the exclusion of Catholics from the Belfast shipyards of old.

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Equality for tricolour

In the week in which Orangemen announced their first-ever rally at Stormont, without any protest from nationalists, it might have been thought unionists would react with some decorum to the suggestion that the flag of Ireland be unfurled above Stormont.

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Use them or lose them

Rate bills dropped through letter boxes of small businesses across South Belfast with a heavier thud than usual last week.

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Unionist committee runs risk of hindering progress

In this paper last July, South Belfast MLA Conall McDevitt penned a piece about the aftermath of the annual Orange procession through (increasingly nationalist) South Belfast.

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