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What does he have to do?

MICHAEL Quinn may only be 22 years old, but already his name is enough to strike fear into the hearts of the community in which he grew up. And if his name strikes fear into the hearts of people who have mostly never crossed his path, how much more terrified must his past victims be? […]

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We can’t afford job losses

WORRYING words this week as the Health Service union Unison upgrade – downgrade? – their estimate of how many jobs will go in the sweeping cuts that are to sweep across the Belfast Trust.

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Regulator offers us zero insulation from icy blast

If this is competition, then just what would a monopoly look like? That’s the question being posed by hard-pressed householders who have been hit by a double

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Driving change

Education Minister John O’Dowd this week put a spoke in the wheel of the Irish language revival when he blocked recognition of an Irish medium nursery school unit at

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Daring to dream of a united future

Behind the rhetoric of a transformed Belfast lies the nasty reality of over 70 peacewalls, criss-crossing the city and dividing working class communities.

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