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Moving out, moving on

DANDERING along the streets of the city with fat black clouds overhead about to burst, Squinter comes across this cautionary pictorial tale.He’s going to leave it to you to work out where this is, what’s going on here and who’s involved (or who used to be involved) – it’s not hard, there are a couple of big clues, although the squirrel logo is just plain confusing.

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Suddenly Dublin is interesting

OF course, BBC Ulster’s coverage of the Irish Presidential election (that’s the Irish Presidential election, just so’s you can distinguish it from the Azerbaijani Presidential election) should be non-existent, should consistency play any part in matters.

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The key to the mystery

THEY’RE falling out with each other in Lisburn for some strange reason – and graffiti insults and death threats are flying.

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The Tánaiste’s a Stick

MICHAEL D Higgins, the man who seems to be the only thing capable of preventing Martin McGuinness taking the salute from the Irish army in the Phoenix Park come October 27, is of course the candidate of the Labour Party.

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Where’s the beef?

YES, corned beef in tins does still exist. And to prove the point, at a formal ceremony in the Roddy’s attended by a carefully selected coterie of staff and punters, Squinter was presented with this tin of Argentina’s finest, purchased by barman Joe at great expense in a local supermarket.

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Season’s greetings in September

THE SELECTION boxes are out in Sainsbury’s. Not today, not yesterday – they were out a week ago and more. By Squinter’s reckoning, and since it’s all seven-day opening now, that’s 114 shopping days to Christmas, or just under a third of a year.

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