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How Belfast-Nashville can become a real sister act

I HAD an opportunity to meet with a high-powered delegation from Vanderbilt University in our sister city of Nashville, Tennessee in the Lord Mayor’s Parlour this week and got to discuss the city’s contribution to the civil rights struggle in the US.

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Half-truths and whole-truths

Why do they always make witnesses in court swear to tell “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth”?

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Post modern philosophising… and fish

The first time I saw the horror film Scream I was dumbfounded. Not by the bloodlust or over the top swearing seen in Wes Craven’s 1996 movie but rather the fact the characters would talk about ‘the rules’ of slasher flicks before attempting to avoid the attentions of killer Ghostface by abiding to them.

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Will the President be on the money on citizen’s concerns?

Money: it would drive you mad if you let it. Can’t live without it, can’t live er um, well actually most of us figure we could live quite nicely thank you with it. Last weekend, Edwina Currie was on Stephen Nolan’s BBC Radio Five Live show expressing her serious, serious doubt that anyone in Britain had so little money, they went hungry.

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Exhibition will lay some ghosts of the past to rest

Tonight (Thursday) at the Golden Thread Gallery, we’ll lay a few ghosts to rest when the redoubtable Conrad Atkinson returns to Belfast with his formidable artwork Silver Liberties. Banned from the Ulster

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Dipping your toes in a distinctly weird experience

I’ll be honest, it wasn’t up there as being among my great ambitions in life. You know the type – go into space, play a game of football at Old Trafford, even the stereotypical swimming with dolphins. You’ll notice having my feet nibbled by small fish in front of a baying crowd is not on the list.

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