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Back to the future for late addition to our roads

I passed my driving test in February. While many people reading this will have passed their test years ago and will wonder what the big deal is, to someone who had previously travelled all over the country via the magic of buses, taxis and even once in the back of a Transit van complete with no seats (long story), suddenly being in control of my own vehicular destiny was a big deal.

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Ireland’s very own version of the seven dwarves

The Americans do things differently from us. They have pancakes for breakfast, they ask God to bless America when they’re doing something they know they shouldn’t be doing, and they elect their president differently.

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In City Hall corridors, wind of change picks up speed

I popped along to the Cultúrlann on Friday past – Culture Night – to view the 51-piece exhibition of Gerard Dillon’s work, and was blown away.

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No changing of the guard after county finals

Our Senior Championships were decided at Casement Park last weekend and to no great surprise the titles were retained by the respective holders.St Gall’s won

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Southern voters ignored dire warnings last time round

I used to interview graduate students who wanted to become teachers. Since there were four applicants for every place on the course, the room tended to have more than its share of tight smiles and leaky armpits. We were looking for several things, principally a personality suited to teaching and recent experience that matched the job.

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Avoiding membership of the ‘27 club’

It was my birthday last week. Before you all rush off to gather presents and excuses as to why they are late, don’t bother. Although on second thoughts, if you do want to splash the cash feel free, but wait until you’ve read this week’s column at least.

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