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The threat of the job

APPARENTLY Squinter’s old pal, the Sunday Independent columnist Eoghan Harris, received a death threat at the weekend. Well, he didn’t receive it – somebody answering the phone at O’Reilly Towers fielded it on his behalf.

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Moving out, moving on

DANDERING along the streets of the city with fat black clouds overhead about to burst, Squinter comes across this cautionary pictorial tale.He’s going to leave it to you to work out where this is, what’s going on here and who’s involved (or who used to be involved) – it’s not hard, there are a couple of big clues, although the squirrel logo is just plain confusing.

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How a life lesson finally got through

I’m a slow learner – always have been. Things have to happen to me before I can grasp a concept, you must hit me over the head with an example before the message gets through. So, in the words of Max Bygraves, let me tell you a little story.

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Bittersweet trip into town ends in a dance off

A few weeks ago for the first time in a long time I ventured into the city centre on a Saturday afternoon.

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Committees make their point by closing Hightown

Now that the GAA inter county season has ended, apart from some county finals and provincial championships, the pendulum switches to off-field activities. This is the committee season where rules and regulations are pored over and discussed in great detail. Not least among them will be the latest offerings on discipline. Ah! Discipline. The GAA takes discipline very seriously. They seek to control the games efficiently. It could be argued that they do this very well. However, consistency is another matter altogether.

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There’ll be no Irish Christmas at City Hall

Unionists cancelled Christmas for children from the Irish speaking schools at the full Council meeting on Monday evening – with the help of the Alliance Party.A minor setback on the road to the shared city which treats Irish speakers and the Irish language as a great treasure of the one city, but no doubt the Gaeilge groups will respond with their usual vibrancy and dynamism at this Sunday’s Rights and Revelry bash at St George’s Market.

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