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Peter Pan Lyric Theatre
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Fruits of the peace process begin to ripen

As I write this, they’re promising us it will be quite a moment when Martin McGuinness, leader of Irish

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New York visits starts with a bang

There are a few places you don’t want to find yourself when you’ve queued for an hour and finally come within

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Welsh trip brings back memories

Before my recent Welsh wanderings, I was last seen in the company of Cymraeg activists back in 1985 when

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Back on the search for lasting peace

I got a taster of the rivalry to come at Euro 2012 on Tuesday at peace process talks in Dublin between

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A century on, tide of change is irresistible

A decision at last week’s top committee at City Hall means we are moving inexorably to a place where Belfast City Council will be compliant with the law by removing the union flag from the Dome. There should be two flags, no flags or a civic flag flying from City Hall, but sadly only one flag has dominated the skyline in the century-plus since that imposing building went up in 1906.

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An opening, a step forward, a passing

THE NAME is awful and the artificial flowers and fish tank quite disconcerting, but fundamentally the E3 Belfast MET building at Springvale is a gamechanger for the city. Ducking the squalls this week, I joined Patricia Flanagan to view the spanking new facility on the Springfield Road peaceline. 20 years ago, there were promises – ultimately unfulfilled – to locate a university at this site in a dramatic move which would have turbo-charged the faltering economy of North/West Belfast

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