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Separating myth from the facts

In a recent newspaper article, a Maynooth theologian stressed the importance of Mary, the mother of Jesus, and her exemplary obedience to God, and also the unquestionable authority of the Church in interpreting the mysterious ways of the Christian God. His comment about the importance of human suffering, though, was much more worrying than confusing. […]

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A proposition for local politicians

I work in the Royal Hospitals; my job is under threat, so are thousands of others, not just in health but in education. Jobs in the community are also being targeted. The people who visit our elderly relatives, give our children new hope instead of alcohol, drugs and suicide, are being done away with. Our […]

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Parish thanks

WORLD Youth Day is an event organised by the Pope every two to four years in which all the young people within the Catholic Church are called throughout the world to one place, to come and celebrate their faith and love for Jesus Christ in an open environment. This year World Youth Day was held […]

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Language doesn’t decline in powerful communites

Few analysts in language, politics and sociology would query Noam Chomsky’s view that ‘questions of language are always questions of power’. Therefore language is inextricably bound with politics. This connection becomes considerably marked in the context of colonialism, where the subjugation of native cultures is both a means and an end to colonial invasion. Therefore, language decline never occurs in communities of power and privilege, but rather among the dispossessed and disempowered.

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School run dad

Here, Gridlock: I do a fairly short school run but then I go on and drive to work myself. I don’t drive the kids five minutes to school and then go home. The school is on my way to work, so I drop the children off first. What would you like me to do? Walk […]

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Knock it on the head

A quick note to taxi drivers (mostly private, but sometimes black): The Highway Code does not say that when you put your hazard lights on you can do whatever you like. Double-parking is not okay because your hazards are on; blocking narrow streets does not become acceptable because all your blinkers are on. Hazard lights […]

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