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All heart and soul

What’s the story? Matt King (George Clooney) is a man with a lot on his plate. He’s a busy lawyer and father but he’s also a direct descendant of a 19th century Hawaiian princess.

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Your logic’s slightly flawed, Mr Lammy

TOTTENHAM MP David Lammy bizarrely claimed at the weekend that the race riots which convulsed his constituency last August wouldn’t have happened if only the parents of the rioters had smacked them when they were young.

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A big book tour with a difference

THE AD for the new Ford Mondeo is keen to play up the car’s frugal fuel consumption. To this end it features a bloke with good teeth and a satnav who decides to go on a tour of Europe, “visiting the locations in his favourite book, The Da Vinci Code”.

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Virtual unreality

SQUINTER imagines everyone connected with the Titanic Signature Building (right) in the Titanic Quarter is praying that it will be open in time for the exact date of the sinking of the famous ship – which of course took place on the night of April 14/15 1912. The most that Squinter can establish is that it’s due to open some time in March, but since he can’t seem to locate an exact date he can only assume that no

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Drawing the line at drawing the line

THE DUP don’t do self-awareness, otherwise they wouldn’t be complaining that the Boundary Commission’s recommended Westminster changes are an egregious example of gerrymandering. The Commission has recommended ditching two of the North’s 18 seats.

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Pig destroys Fox

RUPERT Murdoch’s Fox News once went to law to claim ownership of the ‘Fair and Balanced’ legend that sits proudly beneath its name. The case was over before the laughter had subsided and Fox executives were left looking fairly stupid; or stupider.

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