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No justice from Cage

What’s the story?Mild-mannered high school teacher Will Gerard (Nicolas Cage) and genteel musician Laura (January Jones) are happily married and living a peaceful life.

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Read all about it – late news on the way out

SQUINTER’S not opposed per se to the concept of young women without many clothes on – out on the town in Belfast it wouldn’t take you to be, such is the state of undress in which so many young women venture out the door these days. But when you’re bombarded with such images on the home page of that once decorous organ the Belfast Telegraph, surely it’s time to cry stop.

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Are you part of the union?

THE STRIKING workers had Squinter’s unequivocal support yesterday, even if on the busy ATN press day that support only manifested itself in a couple of beeps of the car horn on the school run.

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Stormount 147 isn’t that common

DURING a radio debate last week ahead of the DUP conference, a caller did what’s called the local politics 147 – he referred to both Stormount and Westminister in the same sentence.

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Hands off our St Mary’s

Department of Employment and Learning Minister Stephen Farry has been taking aim at West Belfast’s greatest asset, St Mary’s University College, with his talk of amalgamating all teacher training education on one site.

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‘Big House’ attitude scorns the workers

The different approach of nationalists and unionists to the public service workers’ strike yesterday reveals that the political divisions in our land go way beyond Orange and Green.

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