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The secrets I kept from the Andytown punks

It has been very 1990s in the newsroom this past week.It started when a male colleague announced that he still pines for one of the Gladiators. Although taken aback somewhat by the revelation, I was relieved to hear it wasn’t Wolf. It was Lightning, he protested,

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Go on and get your Granny a goat for Christmas

What a world, eh? People being laid off, shops shutting up shop, the air thick with the crunch of bankruptcy. Even the Christmas trees are looking smaller and sadder this year. But if it’s bad here in the North it’s worse in the South. When a government has to break the budget bad news into bite-size chunks and feed it to the public in instalments, you know things are bad, bad, bad.

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Unionists hide in City Hall from the genie outside

As we drove out of City Hall, our cars being kicked and attacked by the cream of loyalist East Belfast on Monday night, a colleague remarked: “This must bring you back.”

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Doorstep deficit dilemma

THE  big guy, ever a magnet for trouble, steps in dog dirt. At the front door Squinter carefully removes his trainers and puts them in a plastic shopping bag, intending to return the next day and scrape off the mess when it’s dry (or at least drier). Leaving for work on Tuesday morning, the shoes […]

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Stale bread and City Hall circuses

SQUINTER still doesn’t know the age of the British army cadet at the centre of the controversy involving the Lord Mayor Niall Ó Donnghaile. Is she 14, is she 15, is she 16, is she 17? Whatever the truth, the child is clanking unseen around a crowded, noisy stage, like Banquo’s ghost; her parents have similarly refused, for whatever reason, to join the doltish drama.

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Whistleblower tells the truth about soccer

SOCCER is a deeply boring game. It’s true – and that comes from someone who watches his fair share of it; who pays Rupert Murdoch, indeed, in order to watch his fair share of it.

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