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Fiona is international handballer of the year

Few women in sport across the globe can boast three world titles at the very top of their chosen discipline.

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United Europe gives us pause

We seem to be heading towards a United States of Europe. For some this seems a good idea, others see it as yet another mistake.European nations united under a central government, with centrally controlled tax laws, national parliaments which can make laws but only subject to an overall set of superior laws for the whole of the united states; much the same idea as that

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Council does its job and now moves on

BELFAST City Council has emerged relatively unscathed from a week of bickering which brought back unfortunate memories of a Dome of Delight which in effect brought little joy to the populace.

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Hogmanay hogwash

What’s the story?As 2011 draws to a close, the lives of multiple New Yorkers collide as 2012 relentlessly approaches.

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Making real progress for voters at City Hall

Following the last local elections, Sinn Féin increased its vote across the city and increased its representation by electing two additional councillors. This brought our representation to 16, making Sinn Féin the biggest single party in Belfast City Hall.

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The secrets I kept from the Andytown punks

It has been very 1990s in the newsroom this past week.It started when a male colleague announced that he still pines for one of the Gladiators. Although taken aback somewhat by the revelation, I was relieved to hear it wasn’t Wolf. It was Lightning, he protested,

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