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Cancer sufferer attacked returning from tests

By Evan Short

A New Lodge cancer sufferer who was struck with a brick as he returned from hospital along North Queen Street has told of how he cried in pain following the attack.

Patrick McDonald, 52, was walking home last week (Wednesday, July 9) when a gang of youths – believed to be the same people involved in the New Lodge bonfire – threw a brick which hit him on the back.

Patrick said it was not the first time he had been attacked by a crowd at the same spot and when he got back to his house he cried.

“I was over at the City Hospital with my friend for tests cause of my prostate cancer. “We were walking back to my house and had just come under the (North Queen Street) bridge when I felt a really bad pain in my shoulder.

“It was a brick thrown from the steps then the ones who did it ran off. I was in so much pain I’ll admit when I got home it was so sore I cried.”

The father of three says the cancer has taken its toll and the attack is just the latest to befall him.

“I was walking past the steps last year and they threw a bottle at me and it just missed my head. They are kids up to the age of about 19 but there’s nothing being done about them.

“After the bottle was thrown last year, I recognised one of them, and went to his parents’ door but they denied it was him. They said he was in at the time.”

And the attacks are getting worse according to Patrick.

“It’s not just me. They are throwing bricks and bottles all the time from the steps on to North Queen Street.

“It’s just getting out of hand, but what can you do? Sooner or later they are going to attack a pensioner and someone will die. I have no doubt about it.”

Sinn Féin Councillor JJ Magee said it was the same hardcore of anti social thugs that have been plaguing the area.

“These same thugs, hoods, anti social young people – whatever you want to call them – are plaguing the area and it has to stop. It is the same gang who are collecting bonfire wood and I would appeal to parents to make sure their children are not involved. Good kids are being dragged into this circle and I want their parents to ensure they are not being led astray.”

“What happened to this man is outrageous and has to be condemned.”


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