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Some great leaders and their, ah, colourful pasts

I was in the Waterfront Hall on Saturday afternoon and do you know what? It was kind of dull. The speakers were lined up and in five-minute bursts they said things which everyone in the hall agreed with, and that’s what made it kind of dull.

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Parish thanks

WORLD Youth Day is an event organised by the Pope every two to four years in which all the young people within the Catholic Church are called throughout the world to one place, to come and celebrate their faith and love for Jesus Christ in an open environment. This year World Youth Day was held […]

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New questions for the SDLP

On Saturday the SDLP were meeting in Newry to discuss their future. At the same time 2,000 Sinn Féin delegates from around the 32 counties were meeting at the Waterfront Hall in Belfast to plot their next plan of action. The two events could not have been more striking. If the SDLP want my advice, […]

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HET lessons

Maybe the HET (Historical Enquiries Team) should take a leaf out of London’s Metropolitan Police’s book.  Within hours of the London riots (August 2011) the Metropolitan Police had issued calls for witnesses to come forward with information, released CCTV images and called for those involved to hand themselves in and admit their involvement in the […]

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Poots should go

It is a total outrage that the accident and emergency department is going to close in Belfast City Hospital. This city has grown in size, as has the population of this city  in the last five years. Closing this valuable service in our city is going to put pressure on our other two hospitals and […]

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Disappearing leaders

The House of Commons has become the House of Lords for retired SDLP leaders. Margaret Ritchie has now retired as leader and will never be seen again as she’s going to the Commons, just like Mark Durkan. No-one has seen Ian óg or Nigel Dodds in over a year since they left the Assembly for […]

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