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Ardoyne turns to poster power in RNU row

By Kieran Hughes

An Ardoyne resident who erected a three-foot high banner claiming he was threatened by a dissident republican umbrella group says he did so because he wants to send a message that he will not be intimidated in his own home.

Dominic Magliocco erected the banner in the front window of his Brompton Park home last Tuesday (July 10) in reaction to a leaflet drop in the area the day before during which he claims he was threatened to be burnt out.

After leaving the sign up for over a week he has now taken it down. The sign read:, “I told the RNU not to put their crap through my door. They told me they would bury me and burn me out. The RNU are cowards.”

Mr Magliocco claims that members of the Republican Network for Unity (RNU) delivered a leaflet through his door last Monday asking him not to park in the street on the night of the Twelfth because of the parade by Ardoyne resident’s group GARC (Greater Ardoyne Residents Collective).

He claims he was threatened by the group after he confronted them.

“Last week they put a leaflet through my door telling me not to park my car in the street on the Twelfth because there was a parade taking place. I read the leaflet and called the guy who delivered it back and asked him who was asking me not to park in the street and he said “concerned residents”.

“I said ‘you mean RNU’ and he said ‘we are not RNU’ and I said ‘yes you are’ and slapped the leaflet in his hand. He then said he was going to ‘bury me’ and told me they were going to burn me out. It’s not rocket science to work out that they were RNU.”

Mr Maglicco, who has lived in Ardoyne for most of his life, said he wanted to send a message that he won’t be intimidated in his own him.

A spokesman for RNU said they had no involvement in the incident or the leaflet drop.

A spokesman for GARC confirmed they were carrying out a leaflet drop on the night but had no further comment to make.

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