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Peter Pan Lyric Theatre

Ardoyne 12th morning

By Staff Reporter

Orange Order parade passed peacefully at 9:15, although bands marched to single drumbeat and supporters taunted protestors, violating PC determinations.

Parade was initially delayed because number of supporters exceeded that allowed by PC determination.

GARC protest was conducted in near silence, members and supporters held placards reading: “So much for your island of equals.”

SDLP North Belfast MLA Alban Maginness: “I’m breathing a sigh of relief. It was imperfect, but still peaceful. Let’s hope we can sit down over the next few months and try to resolve this issue once and for all.”

“I believe that if we can resolve parading in Ardoyne, North Belfast will enjoy a sustained and lasting peace.”

“With dialogue at both local and higher levels, and at the Assembly, we should be able to come up with a resolution to our outstanding problems and then we can move forward.”

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