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Security alert

By Ciara Quinn

THERE’S been condemnation of those responsible for a security alert on the Bell Steele Road this week which turned out to be an elaborate hoax.

The alert happened just after 4pm on Tuesday as many children were making their way home from school. Councillor Stephen Magennis said the security alert was created to cause “mayhem” in the area.

“I want to praise the PSNI operation on Tuesday as it was contained and we worked together to try and make sure people got home, especially our older persons and children,” he said. “Many older people had to sit in parked cars and wait for the alert to clear before being allowed back in their homes. This alert caused a lot of hassle in the area and I want to ask the people behind it – why? Who are they doing this for? It is certainly not for the good of our community. My advice to them is, wise up and move on.”

A spokesperson for the PSNI said: “ATOs examined a suspicious object discovered in the area and have declared it to be an elaborate hoax.”

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