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‘Word of British Prime Minister can’t be trusted’

By Kieran Hughes

The wife of murdered Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane has accused the British Prime minister of publicly humiliating her family after he backtracked on a commitment to hold a public enquiry into her husband’s death.

After dramatically walking out of a meeting with David Cameron last week, Geraldine Finucane accused the Prime Minister of luring her family to Downing Street under false pretences.

Despite apologising to the family and accepting there was collusion between British security forces and UDA members in the 1989 killing, David Cameron refused to green-light a public inquiry, instead opting for a review by QC Desmond DeSilva.

Since the 39-year-old’s murder his family have been campaigning for the truth behind the killing and have travelled all over the world highlighting the fact the state colluded in his murder and calling for a full, independent public inquiry.

“We feel humiliated and insulted by the ordeal we were made to endure,” said Geraldine Finucane.

“Not only were my family and I forced to listen to the Prime Minister of Britain renege on a promise made by the British government, we had to hear him tell us, over and over, what it was that we really wanted, how we really wanted to achieve it and what our ultimate response would be.”

She said that it was “clear within minutes” of the start of their Downing Street meeting that they had been “lured under false pretences by a disreputable government led by a dishonorable man”.



“My family have been humiliated publicly and misled privately,” she said.

Geraldine added they have “no confidence” in the proposed review by QC Desmond DeSilva.

“We cannot be expected to take the British Prime Minister’s word that it will be effective when he is reneging on a government commitment in order to establish it,” she said. “His actions prove beyond doubt that the word of the British Prime Minster cannot be trusted, the case of Pat Finucane shows that British Prime Ministers no longer keep their promises.”

She said that her family does not believe that a public enquiry into the murder of Pat Finucane would elevate his case above the deaths of others, as has been claimed.

“We support the quest of any family for truth and justice. We believe that a public inquiry into the murder of Pat Finucane would be a force for good and not a long-running, open-ended waste of money.

“It would clear the very poisonous air that has been left behind. Most of all, we do believe that the British government should honour the promise they made.”

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